Aciculites orientalis   Dendy,  1905 (Sponge)
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Class: Demospongiae

Color: Pale white when dry

Consistency: Hard, stone-like

Surface uniform but minutely granular due to the presence of papillar projections arising from surface desmas. Outer surface with closely set openings of 0.5-1.5 mm diameter, rim elevated slightly or not and protected by radially placed tylostrongyles and may represent oscules. Pores situated on the inner surface, rarely in sieve areas, individual pore with an average of 0.25 mm. Canals radiate from pore areas, but those leading to oscules run vertically down and then divide after reaching the middle of lamella. Desmas unite to form a compact skeleton with tylostrongyles confined to dermal part, especially to oscular rim.

Spicules: 1) Monocrepid desmas. Axis strongly curved, shaft and branches with conical papillar projections; size up to 0.32 mm. 2) Tylostringyles. Slightly curved, one end broader than the other and tylote, the other end strongylote; both ends microspines, size up to 0.6 x 0.009 mm.

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• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA

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