Acanthomysis microps   Biju & Panampunnayil,  2009 (Mysid)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: Length adult female 6 mm.

Body short and stout. Anterior dorsal margin of carapace broadly rounded, covering basal part of eyestalks; anteriolateral corner rounded, posterior border moderately emarginate. Eyes globular, cornea much narrower than stalk. Basal segment of antennule peduncle shorter than distal segment, outer distal corner with a few plumose setae and one long dorsal seta; second segment short and with a few plumose setae; distal segment with mid dorsal lobe and a few distal setae. Antennal scale far over-reaching antennular peduncle, setose all round, six times as long as broad, with distal segment, apex rounded; antennal peduncle stout, second segment slightly longer than third, second and third segments with a few setae on outer distal corner, outer distal corner of sympod sharply produced.
Labrum anteriorly produced into long spiniform process. Mandibles with well developed incisor process, lacinia mobilis, spine row and molar processes. Second segment of mandibular palp stout, third segment slender and half length of second segment. Maxillule with broad inner lobe armed distally with three strong barbed spines and eight pectinate setae; outer lobe with five denticles on inner margin, distal margin with 10 strong spines, inner most spine stouter than rest; outer margin with prominent hump. Second segment of maxilla expanded, carrying one stout spinous seta and row of plumose setae; endite of third segment deeply bifid; second segment of endopod twice as long as broad; exopod comparatively small.

Basis of first thoracic endopod produced into large gnathobasic lobe, next two segments moderately produced inwards, dactylus with distinct claw and many pectinate setae. Carpopropodus of endopod of second thoracic limb much shorter than merus, dactylus with several pectinate setae and slender claw. Third to eighth thoracic endopods subsimilar, ischium twice as long as merus, carpopropodus with three subequal segments, dactylus with distinct long slender claw. Outer distal corner of basal plate of exopod produced into two small denticles.

Pleopods in female rudimentary, unsegmented and rod shaped. Telson linguiform, longer than sixth abdominal segment, widened basal part with 3 or 4 spines followed by unarmed waist, distal two-thirds with 25-27 long and short spines, long spines alternating with 1 or 2 short spines, distal border rounded and armed with 6-8 large flattened similar spines.
Uropods over-reaching telson, setose all round, endopod with three spines below statocyst; exopod longer than endopod.

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• Gujarat, Jafarabad INDIA (Record: 11/1996)

Literature Source(s)
  • Abraham, B and Panampunnayil, SU (2009) Mysids (Crustacea) from the shallow waters off Maharashtra and south Gujarat, India, with description of a new species Marine Biology Research Taylor & Francis, London 5(4) 345-362 Available at -
  • Society for the Management of European Biodiversity Data (2009) World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Available at -

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