Odontosyllis gravelyi   Fauvel,  1928 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: Length 15-30 mm. by 1.5-2 mm.

Color: Yellowish white with a longitudinal dark brown dorsal streak running the whole length of the body. On a variable number of anterior segments , a brown dorsal spot at the base of the feet.

Body long, thick, rounded dorsally, very brittle; 80-150 segments. Prostomium sub-rectangular. Four large eyes set in trapezium. 3 tentacles, the median twice as long as the laterals. 2 broad palps. Proboscis with 6-7 large pharyngeal teeth pointing backwards and two large lateral folds. Pharynx extending from the 4th-5th segments to the 10th. Proventriculus twice as long; a rounded flap over the prostomium. 2 pairs of long, unequal, tentacular cirri. Dorsal cirri unjointed, rapidly decreasing in length, about as long as half the body’s breadth. Ventral cirri broad and short. Compound setae of 2 kinds in every foot; the upper ones with a long needle or awl-like terminal piece, slightly flattened, very indistinctly bifid and bulbous at the tip; the lower ones much more numerous, with an enlarged shaft and a short bidentate appendix. On the last segments, a small dorsal simple seta, slightly bent and a ventral simple bifid seta. Mature specimens with long swimming bristles. Two long anal cirri.

Synonym (s)
Odontosyllis gravelyi Fauvel, 1930

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal, Estuarine


• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Krusadai Island INDIA
• Kerala, Kochi Backwaters INDIA (Record: 1981)

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