Cabira rangarajani     (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Image copyrights: Magnolia Press

Size: Length- 16.5 mm; width- 0.5 mm wide by chaetiger 10 with 59 chaetigers

Body sub-cylindrical, dorso-ventrally flat (depressed); up to about chaetiger 16 dorsoventrally compressed, slightly rigid compared to remaining part of the body. Posteriorly flaccid, globular with large number of dark chromatophores from chaetiger 7, dispersed along the dorsal and ventral surfaces. Prostomium bilobed, connected by smooth thin dorsal membrane. Two antennae, minute, conical, inserted on the lateral margin of the prostomium. Palpi short, flattened, arising from anterolateral margins of prostomium; palpostyle short, ventro-lateral. Dorsal surface of palps, prostomium and peristomium covered with minute papillae, each almost square in shape. Proboscis everted, globular, thin; its surface covered by abundant short, conical, soft papillae. Eyes absent.
Peristomium anteriorly fused to prostomium, carrying two pairs of tentacular cirri, each short, conical, placed ventro-laterally; posteriorly demarcated from first chaetiger. First chaetiger smaller than subsequent ones. Parapodia with short, conical dorsal and ventral cirri, each with one or two minute papillae, located near their base.
Dorsal cirri present from chaetiger 1 and on all subsequent ones; ventral cirri present in chaetiger 1, small, conical bud. Dorsal and ventral cirri similar in size and shape throughout body. Parapodia sub-biramous; notopodia with short, conical dorsal cirri, and single notopodial hooks, similar in size throughout body. Neuropodia with short, capillaries. Notopodial hooks emerge slightly ahead of dorsal cirrus. Notopodial hooks first appear at chaetiger seven. Neurochaetae of single type, 4–5 per ramus, long, slender, non-limbate, with entire tips. Pygidium tapering to conical lobe, with two lateral anal cirri, each digitate, covered with minute square papillae.

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Habitat:  Benthic


• Goa, Off Marmagao (Lat: 15.48) (Long: 73.72) INDIA (Record: 00/10/2005) (Depth: -18 mts)
• Goa, Off Marmagao (Lat: 15.40) (Long: 73.80) INDIA (Record: 00/10/2005) (Depth: -14 mts)
• Goa, Off Marmagao (Lat: 15.41) (Long: 73.78) INDIA (Record: 00/10/2005) (Depth: -13 mts)
• Goa, Off Betul (Lat: 15.08) (Long: 73.87) INDIA (Record: 00/10/2005) (Depth: -23 mts)
• Goa, Off Betul (Lat: 15.14) (Long: 73.85) INDIA (Record: 00/10/2005) (Depth: -20 mts)

Literature Source(s)
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