Balanus reticulatus   Utinomi,  1964 (Barnacle)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Image copyrights: Ocean Science and Technology Cell, CUSAT, Kochi

Max. size: Basal diameter 15 mm; height 9 mm; orifice width 6 mm.

Shell: Balanus reticulatus, grows together with crowded populations of Balanus kondakovi and Balanus amphitrite, and therefore takes an irregular tubular shape. In tubular forms the orifice was comparatively larger and more distinctly toothed. Radii usually narrow with oblique summits and alae with oblique summits. Sheath solid with lower margin slightly overhanging. Parietal tubes were about 11-19 in single row in rostrum with thin transverse septa.
Opercular valves: The upper part of the inner surface of the scutum generally smooth. Henry and McLaughlin (1975) observed it to be moderately roughened. End of the spur both in Balanus reticulatus and Balanus variegatus was described as obliquely truncate (Henry and McLaughlin, 1975). However, at times Balanus reticulatus had obliquely truncated spur but Balanus variegatus was with bluntly pointed spur.
Mouth parts – Labrum: Utinomi (1967) observed three teeth on either side of the notch. Henry and McLaughlin (1975) observed 0-5 (3.8) teeth on crest on each side of notch; usually with one tooth on each side on crest near notch.
Inner maxilla: According to Southward (1975) the lower corner of maxilla I was prominent compared to Balanus amphitrite amphitrite. Henry and McLaughlin (1975) observed this character was highly variable from slight to strong.

Synonym (s)
Balanus amphitrite var. communis Darwin 1854
Balanus amphitrite communis Nilsson-Cantell 1921
Balanus amphitrite forma communis Broch 1922
Balanus amphitrite forma hawaiiensis Broch 1922
Balanus amphitrite communis Hiro 1938
Balanus amphitrite cirratus Zevina and Tarasov 1963
Balanus amphitrite var. variegatus Stubbings 1963a
Balanus amphitrite Southward & Crisp 1963
Balanus amphitrite tesselatus Utinomi 1964
Balanus amphitrite var. denticulata Karande & Palekar 1966
Balanus amphitrite tesselatus Utinomi & Kikuchi 1966
Balanus amphitrite amphitrite Stubbings 1967
Balanus reticularis Utinomi 1967

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal, Estuarine, Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam INDIA (Record: 2001)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar Island, Sibi Nallah INDIA (Record: 2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinam INDIA (Record: 2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Cuddalore (Lat: 11.76) (Long: 79.76) INDIA (Record: 2006)
• Tamil Nadu, Coleroon Backwaters INDIA (Record: 2006)
• East Coast, Coromandel, Pulicat Lake INDIA (Record: 1997-1998)
• Tamil Nadu, Mudasalodai INDIA (Record: 1998)

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