Stomatolepas praegustator   Pilsbry,  1910 (Barnacle)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Image copyrights: Ocean Science and Technology Cell, CUSAT, Kochi

Size: Carino-rostral diameter 3-9 mm.

Shell bowl shaped; nearly elongated in the carino rostral diameter. Base flat, membranous; almost circular; half as wide as orifice. Wall composed of two layers of compartments; inner layer smooth, thin, transparent and projecting above the outer layer. Outer layer covered with overlapping small scales; shallow radial groove marks suture between compartments. Scales small, transversely elongated and dorsally spilt. Slight ridge encircles part below upper end of wall, marking limit of embedded part. Internally the sheath which occupies about three fourths height of the inner layer, glossy, white and furnished with widely spaced transverse lines.
Labral crest with 3 fine teeth placed wide apart on each side of medium notch; two teeth close to notch distinct. Mandible with three strong and two smaller teeth.

Synonym (s)
Stomatolepas elegans Zullo 1963
Stomatolepas praegustator Pilsbry 1916
Stomatolepas praegustator Monroe and Limpus 1979
Stomatolepas elegans Holthuis 1969
Stomatolepas elegans Relini 1968
Stomatolepas elegans Hiro 1936
Stomatolepas praegustator Pilsbry 1910

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Orissa, Puri INDIA (Record: 2002)
• Orissa INDIA (Record: 2006)

Literature Source(s)
  • Fernando, SA (2006) Monograph on Indian Barnacles Ocean science and technology Cell, Kochi 9-199 Available at - NIO, Goa
  • Society for the Management of European Biodiversity Data (2009) World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Available at -

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