Muraena (Gymnothorax) undulata   Lacepede  (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 150 cm.

Color: In the variety fimbriata the color is reddish brown, with several irregular longitudinal rows of black round or irregularly oval spots, which are generally not much larger than the eye, those on the head are smaller and may be wanting. On the tail they are often also arranged in transverse rows, giving a more or less striped appearance to this part. Dorsal and anal often with a light border. These spots may partly be confluent, in which case the fish is yellowish, densely reticulated and marmorated with brown (M. agassizi). In the variety undulata the spots have sill more gained in extension and the groundcolor is blackish, lighter on the belly, with a wide network of more or less dendritic white or yellowish lines, which are more numerous on the head, giving to this part a mottled appearance.

Height 14-22, head 6 1/2-8, 2-2.6 in trunk. Tail half length of head longer than or nearly equal to head and trunk. Eye 8.5 to more than 10, situated about in the middle of the cleft of the mouth, which goes 2-2 1/2 times in head. Even in adult specimens the mouth can nearly be closed completely. Snout rather long, compressed, 1 1/2-1 3/4 diameter of eye. Anterior nasal tubes much shorter than diameter of eye. Dorsal and anal well developed, the former beginning before gillopenings. In the maxillaries a row of 12-20 compressed teeth, the anterior ones the largest. In young specimens anteriorly an inner row of 1-3 large, depressible teeth. Intermaxillary plate with a peripheral series of 10-16 teeth, which are larger than those of the maxillaries and with a median series of 3 fang-like teeth. Vomer with 10 or less small teeth in an irregular series. Mandibulary teeth 18-30, compressed, pointed, the anterior ones longer and more irregularly placed, the posterior ones in a single row.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Muraenophis stellata Lacepede 1803
Muraenophis undulata Lacepede
Muraena fimbriata Bennett 1831
Muraena Valenciennii Eydoux and Souleyet 1841
Muraena bullata Richardson 1844
Muraena cancellata Richardson
Muraena isingleenoides Bleeker 1853
Muraena Blochii Bleeker
Muraena Agassizi Bleeker 1855
Muraena isingteena Bleeker 1855
Thyrsoidea isingleenoides Kaup 1856
Thyrsoidea cancellata Kaup
Thyrsoidea bullata Kaup
Muraena acutirostris Abbott 1860
Thyrsoidea Kaupi Abbott
Gymnothorax isingleenoides Bleeker 1864
Gymnothorax bullatus Bleeker
Gymnothorax cancellatus Bleeker
Gymnothorax Agassizi Bleeker
Gymnothorax Blochi Bleeker
Gymnothorax cancellatus Kner 1867
Muraena fimbriata Gunther 1870
Muraena microspila Gunther
Muraena undulata Gunther
Muraena undulata Klunzinger 1871
Gymnothorax fimbriatus Bleeker 1873
Muraena fimbriata Day 1888
Muraena undulata Day
Lycodontis acutirostris Fowler 1900
Lycodontis Kaupi Fowler
Gymnothorax undulatus Jordan and Evermann 1905
Eurymyctera acutirostris Jordan and Evermann
Gymnothorax undulatus Seale 1906
Muraena undulata Gunther 1910
Gymnothorax stellatus Fowler 1912
Gymnothorax undulatus Fowler
Gymnothorax stellatus Snyder 1912
Gymnothorax favagineus Max Weber 1913
Gymnothorax macassariensis Max Weber 1913
Gymnothorax sagenodeta Max Weber

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• INDIA (Record: 1916)

Literature Source(s)
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