Amphiura (Ophiopeltis) tenuis   (H. L. Clark,  1938) (Brittle Star)
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Class: Stelleroidea

Disc almost naked with only 2-3 rows of narrow scales around the very long radial shields. One infradental and one lateral distal papilla separated from the former by a wide gap on each side of the jaw. Arms very long, dorsal arm plates almost conical. Arm spines up to six at the base, reduced to three distally, the middle one of which has strong lateral denticles. No tentacle scale.

Synonym (s)
Ophionephthys tenuis H. L. Clark, 1938
Amphiura (Ophiopeltis) tenuis Baker, 1979
Amphiura tenuis (H. L. Clark, 1938)
Ophionephthys iranica Mortensen, 1940

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Muddy


• West Bengal, Jharkhali INDIA (Record: 24/09/1984)
• West Bengal, Matla, Ajmalmari INDIA (Record: 08/11/1988)
• West Bengal, Kishorimohanpur INDIA (Record: 07/03/1989)

Literature Source(s)
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