Octolasmis tridens   (Aurivillius),  1893 (Barnacle)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Image copyrights: Ocean Science and Technology Cell, CUSAT, Kochi

Size: Capitular length 5 mm with breadth of 3.5 mm; peduncle length 9 mm, breadth 1.5 mm. Capitulum oval; valves well developed, calcified and opaque.

Scutum: Consisting of two segment sickle shaped with upper extremity blunt and extending a little higher than the upper extremity of carinal segment. In full grown specimens carinal segment approximated closely to occludent; separated from carina to a considerable extent.
Tergum: Triangular; anterior part of scutal margin deeply excavated to received apex of occludent segment of scutum.
Carina: Curved, broad and expanding at the base into a well developed transverse discs, somewhat concave externally in this region with a broad flat inferior margin; a dorsal ridge present on entire length of carina; apex situtated at a point about half the distance between carinal angle and umbo of tergum.
Peduncle: Short or moderately long and slender; base always broader than the region where it joins capitulum; surface either ringed or smooth with numerous chitinous points covered all over.
Caudal appendages: compressed and variable in length; reach the tip of first segment of sixth cirri; bears long slender hairs; naked edges without hairs.
Mouth parts: (i) Labrum: Distinctly bullate. Closely spaced 20-22 sharp conical teeth observed on the labral crest.
(ii) Mandible: With 5 teeth; the fourth and fifth angle close together and usually bifid; sometimes fifth teeth with 3-4 small and slender teeth; superior margin with three clusters of setae equally spaced; inferior margin with series of setae.
(iii) Inner maxilla: Distinctly notched cutting edge, below two large and equally long spines; lower part with 5-6 spines of varying length and breadth interspersed with minute spines; superior margin with only 4 clusters of setae, 3 in each; inferior margin slightly sinuate at 6 points each with 2-3 setae; body surface clothed with numerous fine setae.

Synonym (s)
Poecilasma tridens Aurvillius 1893
Dichelaspis occlusa Lanchester 1902
Dischelaspis tridens Annandale 1909
Octolasmis tridens Nilsson-Cantell 1938a

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai INDIA (Record: 2002)
• Bay of Bengal (Record: 2006)
• Tamil Nadu, Off Chennai Coast INDIA (Record: 2006)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA (Record: 2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA (Record: 2008)

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