Stichodactyla haddoni   (Saville-Kent)  1893 (Sea Anemone)
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Class: Anthozoa

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Size: Diameter commonly 500 mm, rarely 800 mm.

Color: Oral disc, lower portion of tentacles, and column drab, commonly yellowish or tan. Tentacle ends can be green, yellow, gray, or rarely pink, which can give oral disc a variegated appearance.

Slightly to deeply folded oral disc lies on or above sand surface; tentacles either bulbous or with basal "stalk," at the end of which is a blunt or swollen terminal portion that can appear puckered (on close examination). Exocoelic tentacles more robust than the endocoelic ones with which they alternate. Column sturdy. Yellowish to orange tentacle-free oral area 10-20 mm in diameter on oral disc. Exocoelic tentacles usually white, may be up to twice as long as endocoelic, point outward in well expanded animals. Tentacles sticky to touch, may adhere to human skin so strongly that they pull off the anemone; contact with them is painless but can raise welts. Small, non-adhesive verrucae on uppermost column are same color as column or light rose to purple. Anemone can pull rapidly and completely beneath the sand when disturbed, leaving its fish to hover over the resulting depression.

Found in association with zooxanthellae and several kinds of animals which include the three spot dascyllus Dascyllus trimaculatus, porcelain crabs like Neopethrolisthes maculatus, commensal shrimps like Periclimenes holthuisi and Periclimenes ornatus, different species of cardinal fish (family Apogonidae) and anemonefishes like Amphiprion chrysogaster, Amphiprion clarkii, Amphiprion polymnus, Amphiprion sebae and Premnas biaculeatus.

Synonym (s)
Stoichactis haddoni (Saville Kent) 1893
Stoichachs gigantiutn Trivedi 1974
Stoichachs giganteum Menon 1927

Common Name (s)
• Haddon's Sea Anemone (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA (Record: 2000-2005)
• Gujarat, Okha INDIA (Record: 1980)

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