Notopygos gigas   Horst,  1911 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: Length 45-75 mm

Color: Pale buff in the middle of the dorsum brown or violet, irregularly interrupted by a great number of white lines crossing each other in various directions; a dark band occurs around the base of each notopodium and the main stem of the branchiae is also dusky colored.

Body large, oblong oval, 33-36 segments. Caruncle extending to the anterior part of the 6th segment rounded posteriorly and with 30 marginal folds on each side. Anterior pair of eyes longer than the posterior one. Anus on the anterior of the 25th segment, usually at the apex of a conical papilla. Bristles long and vitreous, both dorsal and ventral bifurcate, smooth with a yellow tip on the first three segments only, denticulated. Setae with rather divergent fork.

Synonym (s)
Notopygos gigas Horst, 1912

Common Name (s)
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Literature Source(s)
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