Ascidia decepta   Kott,  1985 (Sea Squirt)
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Class: Ascidiacea

Image copyrights: The Marine Biological Association of India

Characteristics of the species are the spherical terminal ampullae, glassy test, short cylindrical siphons and the ovary with short branches. The individuals are 2.5 cm X 2 cm, dorsoventrally flattened with short inconspicuous siphons without any ridges. The branchial aperture is terminal and the atrial aperture about one third from the anterior end on the dorsal surface. Short cylindrical siphons are visible on removal of the test. Test is firm, transparent , gelatinous and sparsely coated with sand except in the region of the siphons. Test vessels branch and end in spherical terminal ampullae in the surface test, more conspicuous on the siphons. There are 8 branchial and 6 atrial lobes with ocelli between them.

Circular muscles are present around the siphons. Longitudinal muscles radiate from the siphons extend over the right side of the body, branch and form an irregular mesh along with the transverse muscles. On the left side, muscles are present only anterior to the gut loop. 50-60 fine branchial tentacles are present. The dorsal tubercle is a large circular cushion in a moderate prebranchial area. The slit is circular with both the horns turned in. No peritubular area. Dorsal lamina is a ribbed membrane double anteriorly and the neural ganglion lies halfway between the branchial and atrial siphon. Branchial papillae are triangular or rounded with a projection at their concave border. The meshes are wide and stigmata short and oval with about 7-8 stigmata in a mesh. The pleats are shallow. The gut loop is deep and open at the pole. Oesophagus is short, curved posteriorly and ventrally. The stomach is elongate. The axis of the primary gut loop passes through the middle of the stomach. Rectum long and proceeds towards the atrial siphon. Anus is with inconspicuous lobes. Gonads are present in the gut loop. Proximal end of the ovarian tube is divided into short branches. The testis follicles extend over the gut loop.

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Habitat:  Rocky, Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Eruvadi INDIA

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