Acropora pillai   Veron,   2002 (Hard Coral)
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Class: Anthozoa

Image copyrights: A. Nithyanandam

Color: Living corals dark green and brown with white axial corallites.

Corallum semi arborescent up to 20 cm high main branches 2-2.5 cm thick at the base, upper branchlets 5-7 cm long, 1-1.5 cm thick at the base. Apex tapering to a large axial corallites. Axial corallites cylindrical, thick walled 3-4 mm thick, so much exsert, opening circular less than 1 mm diameter. Primary septa conspicuous reaching to the centre of calicular fossa; wall of the axial reticulate radial corallites mostly uniform in size very much crowded, labellate 1-1.5 mm long, rarely few proliferous; found intermixed opening of this radial crescent shaped, inner wall absent, outer wall bursiform thickened. Surface ceonenchyme and radial corallites walls closely and finely echinulate. A few smaller labellate corallites are found in between. Sub immersed and immersed corallites generally absent.

It has radial corallites resembling Acropora palifera, but the growth form is entirely different. Some branches have a resemblance to Acropora aspera, but this species differs from Acropora aspera in having thicker radials, yet another species that have a sort of similarity with the present species is Acropora papillarae . However Acropora papillarae is more or less the same as Acropora palmerae Wells, 1954.

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Economic Importance and Threats
Threats:  Natural threats, Anthropogenic
(Protected under Indian Wild Life Protection Act, 1972)



• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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