Sigambra tentaculata   (Treadwell,  1941) (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Color: Pale yellow with transverse yellow bands of granular pigments in each
segments; yellow bands prominent both in the young and larval forms.

Body elongated, flattened dorsoventrally and widest anteriorly; posterior region gradually tapers topygedial segment; parapodia deeply cut; prostomium variable in shape; palps biarticulate with button like palpophores which appear to be continuous with the prostomium. Proboscis with conical papillae around the margin and the posterior margin when retracted reaches tentacular segment in ventral aspect. Median antenna extends beyond palps and originates slightly behind the lateral antennae which are smaller. Eyes absent (eyes present in the larval stages). Two pairs of tentacular cirri which are almost similar to lateral antennae. Tentacular segment longer than the median antenna and conspicjuously longer than the dorsal cirri of the posterior segments. Parapodia sub-biramous, notopodia conical and notoasciculum curving distally. Hooked notoseta beginning on setiger 4 and present upto the posterior most setigerous segment. A capillary seta also present in most of the segments along with hooked notosetae, . Dorsal cirri extend beyond setal lobes. Neurosetae 5-14, longer ones smooth capillaries and shorter ones spinous. Ventral cirrus lacking on setiger 2 and shorter than setal lobes when present. Pigidium bears two long anal cirri. Segmental intestinal caeca prominently visible.

Synonym (s)
Ancistrosyllis tentaculata Treadwell, 1941
(Objective synonym)
Ancistrosyllis tentaculata Kiseleva, 1964
Ancistrosyllis tentaculata Kiseleva, 1971
Sigambra parva Amoureux et al., 1978
Sigambra tentaculata Licher & Westheide, 1997

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Kerala, Off Vizhinjam INDIA (Record: 18/08/1971)
• South West Coast INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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