Pitar alabastrum   (Reeve,  1863) (Clam)
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Class: Bivalvia

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Size: Length 13.15-16.25 mm; width 10.4-12.35 mm; height 7.35-8.85 mm

Color: White

Shell large, ovately cordate, thin, distinctly longer than high, inflated; anterior end short; posterior elongate; umbo impressed; sculpture with concentric, irregular, wrinkle striae; white, scarsely tinged with rust. The outer surface of the shell is coarse and is traversed by faint, irregular concentric striae; hinge teeth are solid, the tooth in front of the cardinals well developed and the posterior tooth narrow and much elongated; the lunule well defined and depressed. The adductor impressions are well marked and slightly raised; pallial line deeply sinuate; inner surface smooth, glossy and pure white throughout, except over the region of the muscle impressions which bear a slight brownish tinge.

Synonym (s)
Dione alabastrum Reeve, 1863
Cytherea (Caryatis) pudicissima Smith, 1894
Pitar alabstrum Fischer-piette, 1967
Meretrix (Caryatis) pudicissima Smith, 1906
Pitar alabstrum Fischer-piette, 1976
Pitar alabstrum Ray, 1977

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• West Bengal, South 24 Parganas INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Arabian Sea (Record: 1992)
• Tamil Nadu INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Orissa INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Gulf of Oman (Record: 1992)
• MYANMAR (Record: 1992)
• Orissa, Off Gopalpur INDIA (Record: 1991)
• Tamil Nadu, Pamban INDIA (Record: 1991)
• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai INDIA (Record: 1991)
• Arabian Sea INDIA (Record: 1991)
• West Bengal, Sandheads INDIA (Record: 17/06/1885)

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