Oikopleura (Vexillaria) dioica   Fol,  1872 (Sea Squirt)
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Class: Larvacea

Image copyrights: C├ęsar Flores-Coto

Size (Body): length 0.4 mm
Size (Tail): 2.3 mm

Body is stout; from the rear, the dorsal contour runs straight, but with a depression just in front of the dorsal tip of gonad; anteriorly the body drops suddenly near the mouth. The ventral contour also runs straight, but suddenly ascends near the mouth, giving an impression of a cleft.

The mouth area is slightly grawn out into tube, with a long underlip. The buccal glands are small, followed by a short endostyle. The stomach looks trilobate in the sense that the intestine is bulb shaped.

The musculature of the tail is narrow, pointed at the tip and ends just infront of the tip of the tail.

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Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Orissa, Barkul, Mouth of Saliya Nallah INDIA (Record: 27/11/1985) (Depth: 2.6 mts)

Literature Source(s)
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