Alcyonidium erectum   Silen,  1942 (Bryozoan)
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Class: Gymnolaemata

Size (Colony): Length 10 mm; breadth 8 mm (flabellate region).
(Zooecium): Length 765 µ; breadth 225 µ.

Zoaria with erect zooids which may be arranged uniserially or biserially growing into sac-like expansions from a basal encrusting portion which spreads over the substratum in sponge-like fashion. Color of the colonies brown with a greenish tinge when fresh becoming paler in material preserved in formalin. The erect portion develops from the center of the encrusting part of the colony. The shape of the zooids varies considerably in the different situations. Zooecia of the encrusting region usually somewhat rectangular in outline becoming much more elongate and sometimes becoming hexagonal. The proximal part of the erect portion long and more or less tubular. Inter-zooecial walls thicker in the encrusting zooids and thinner in the erect ones. The frontal wall thin, translucent and even. Aperture placed at the distal end of the zooecia giving the appearance of being placed at the tip of the papilla when the tentacle sheath is not completely withdrawn. In the uniserial and biserial regions of the colony the aperture is placed at the tip of a small papilla marked with two or three wrinkles. The lophophore is placed at an angle with frontal membrane, bearing sixteen tentacles. The pharynx, as well as the region of the first and second constrictions are broad. The caecal part brownish with greenish tinge. The pleated collar funnel-shaped. Parietal muscles consist of about eleven pairs.

Synonym (s)
Alcyonidium erectum Silen, 1942
Alcyonidium erectum Mawatari, 1953

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Kerala, Off Kochi INDIA (Record: 13/08/1964)

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