Modiolus undulatus   (Dunker)  (Mussel)
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Class: Bivalvia

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Size: 7.45-19.10 mm; length 27.25-34.35 mm; width 13-14.30 mm; height 9.35-12.65 mm

Color: Yellowish brown

Shell gibbous, oblong, semi-transparent, thin rather inequivalve; umbo not so prominent, anteriorly situated. Its upper margin strongly elevated at or near the middle and is sometimes subangulate, lower margin of shell straight or slightly concave, one of the two valves is slightly more inflated in some specimens. There are transversely striated costae in front of and below the umbo. Similar costae are present on the posterior edge of some of the shells and also sometimes along its whole length. The shell is yellowish green in colour with zig-zag purple lines which run transversely and are frequently interrupted and there are finer straight radiating lines of the same colour. Lines of both kinds frequently disappear ahnost completely on the lower half of the shell and the longitudinal ones are sometimes well developed in the posterior half. In some rare cases the entire surface with the exception of the extreme margin is suffused with purple pigmentation.

It very much resembles Modiolus striatulus but differs from it in having thin and fragile shell with reddish undulating markings on its surface, radiating striae towards anterior and posterior parts.

Synonym (s)
Valsella undulata Dunker 1856
Modiola chilkaensis Preston 1911
Modiola undulata var. crassicosta Preston 1914
Volsella undulata Dunker 1856
Modiola undulata var. crassicostata Preston 1914
Modiola undulata Annandale and Kemp 1916

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Orissa, Nalabana INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Balugaon INDIA (Record: 1913, 1954, 1955)
• Orissa, Rambha INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Off Samal Island INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Kalidai Island INDIA (Record: 1954)
• Orissa, Kaliyugeswar INDIA (Record: 1973)
• Orissa, Brahmagiri INDIA (Record: 1984)
• Orissa, Sapara INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Gollapara INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Nuapara INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Breakfast Island INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Honeymoon Island INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Samal Island INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Malud INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Palur Canal INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Panchkudi INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, North Panth Nivas INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Parikuda INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Kalijai INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Nalabana INDIA (Record: 1985, 1986)
• Orissa, Gopakuda INDIA (Record: 1987)
• Orissa, Malatikuda INDIA (Record: 1987)
• West Bengal, Kakdwip, Mainapara INDIA (Record: 01/02/1981)
• West Bengal, Port Canning INDIA (Record: 26/09/1984)
• West Bengal, South 24 Parganas INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Orissa INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Tamil Nadu INDIA (Record: 1992)
• Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada Bay INDIA (Record: 1991)
• West Bengal, Subarnarekha Mouth INDIA (Record: 07/2000-06/2001)
• West Bengal, Sankarpur INDIA (Record: 07/2000-06/2001)
• West Bengal, Sundarbans INDIA (Record: 1991)
• Orissa, Nimnashi INDIA (Record: 1987)
• Orissa, Pandanashi INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Baradonta INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Siar INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Sidhakona INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Birds' dropping Island INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Off Kankarpara Island INDIA (Record: 1954)
• Orissa, Seruanadi INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Cherriya Island INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Tamil Nadu, Kalpakkam INDIA (Record: 1987-1988)
• Tamil Nadu, Edaiyur Backwaters (Lat: 12.56) (Long: 80.18) INDIA (Record: 04/1988-03/1989)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Galathea Bay (Lat: 6.75) (Long: 93.63) INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar INDIA

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