Scrupocellaria spatulata   D'Orbigny  1851 (Bryozoan)
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Class: Gymnolaemata

Size (Zooecium): Length 320-380 µ; breadth 115-145 µ

Zoarium robust, attached to the substratum by radicles. Zooecia long with tubular proximal region, and expanded distal portion. Opesia oval, occupy the distal half. A slight non-serrated cryptocyst. Scuta small, rounded, arise from the median portion of the opesia, cover only the central part of the opesia. Jointed spines, typically five, three long external and two comparatively shorter internal ones, may be even seven, when two additional spines occupy the position in between the external and internal sets. No frontal avicularia. Marginal avicularia small, placed a little below the distal lateral angle. Vibraculum moderate, not seen from the ventral side, vibracular groove extend beyond the vibracular chamber. The radicular chamber small, and the place of origin of the radical rounded. The joints do not traverse the opesia of the outer zooecia. Single axial vibracula. Radicles with backwardly directed spinules at the tip. No ovicells noticed.

Synonym (s)
Cellularia spatulata D'Orbigny, 1851
Scrupocellaria cervicornis Kirkpatrick, 1890
Scrupocellaria pilosa Waters, 1912
Scrupocellaria pilosa Robertson, 1921
Scrupocellaria spatulata Harmer, 1926
Scrupocellaria spatulata Menon and Nair, 1967
Scrupocellaria spatulata Menon and Nair, 1972

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Tamil Nadu, Krusadai Island INDIA (Record: 23/09/1965)

Literature Source(s)
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