Halcyon coromanda   (Latham,   1790) (Bird)
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Class: Aves

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Size: length c. 26 cm

Color: A cinnamon-colored kingfisher with a white rump conspicuous in flight, and bright red bill and feet. Adult. Above, head, neck, mantle light rufous-chestnut or cinnamon, overlaid with a red-violet or opal bloom. Middle of lower back, and rump, white tinged with pale blue or violet. Below, rufous, varying in depth, paler on chin and throat. Bill and feet bright red. Sexes alike.
Young (immature). Above, darker browner chestnut than in adult and lacking the violet bloom; rump and upper tail-coverts deeper blue. Below, chin albescent; rest of underparts darker rufous, the feathers from throat to abdomen edged with black. Bill largely black with an orange-red tip; feet dull dirty reddish.

Habits: Shy and retiring. Keeps singly or in pairs

Breeding: season, mainly March-April . Nest, the usual kingfisher tunnel bored horizontally into an overgrown ravine bank in evergreen jungle; c. 45 to 100 cm long and c. 5 cm in diameter, ending in a comparatively small egg-chamber. Sometimes also nests in holes in tree-trunk quite high up. Eggs, normally 5 occasionally 6, white glossy, rounded ovals.

Synonym (s)
Alcedo coromanda (Latham, 1790)

Common Name (s)
• Rubby Kingfisher (English)
• Indian Rubby Kingfisher (English)
• Khandya (Marathi)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Estuarine
Trophic Level:  Consumer
Prey:  Fish, crabs, beetles, grasshoppers and other insects.


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