Bursa (Bufonaria) margaritula   (Deshayes,  1832) (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

Size: 35 mm in length

Color: Yellowish brown, often ornamented with three spiral rows of dark brown spots; nodules tinged with brown; aperture white to cream with pale yellowish brown on the outer margin of the outer lip.

Shell of medium size, thick, spire short; body whorl a little broader than high; whorls angulated in the middle; aperture almost round; outer lip with fin-like outer edge and about fourteen denticles on the inner edge, inner lip thin and narrow; columella calloused and plicate, plications becoming prominent at the base; short and straight siphon canal and a distinct anal canal.

Sculptured with strong rounded varices traversed by coarsely granular transverse ridges, the varices join each other and form a continuous ridge on either side of the shell, the spiral cords not forming nodules as they cross the varix, two to three spiral rows of antero-posteriorly compressed nodules around the shoulder angulation, sutures with strong and oblique axial riblets.

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• Pondicherry INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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