Scrupocellaria obtecta   Haswell,  1880 (Bryozoan)
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Class: Gymnolaemata

Size (Zooecium): Length 500 µ; breadth 220 µ.

Zoarium brownish white in color, usually 15 to 20 mm in height. Branching is characteristically dichotomous, but in some regions especially the basal branches, it tends to show variations. Usually the internodes contain four to six zooecia. Zooecia not much elongated, arranged closely, the distal half being occupied by oval opesia. Cryptocyst, slightly developed, smooth and extends uniformly throughout. Number of spines varies, usually there external and two internal ones. Spines jointed. Of the three external spines, the second one shows varied branching, overarching the distal region of the opesia covering the opesia and the proximal region of the ovicells. Scutum present, moderately sized with branching caecal canal, and does not cover the opesia completely. Lateral avicularia always present with straight mandibles, with the divaricator, depressor and adductor muscles attached to the sides. No frontal avicularia noticed. Dorsal vibraculum always present, the elongated vibracular chamber less than half the length of the zooecia. Setae long, usually 500 µ (in length). Single vibraculum at the axil of a bifurcation. Radical chamber occupies the proximal outer border of the vibracular chamber, radicles long and simple. Ovicells present, perforated, pores being connected by wavy lines.

Occurs as brownish white colonies on sponges, on algal fronds, on polychaete tubes and on rocks.

Synonym (s)
Scrupocellaria obtecta Haswell, 1880
Scrupocellaria obtecta Thornely, 1912
Scrupocellaria obtecta Marcus, 1921
Scrupocellaria obtecta Harmer, 1926
Scrupocellaria obtecta Osburn, 1950
Scrupocellaria obtecta Menon and Nair, 1967
Scrupocellaria obtecta Menon and Nair, 1972

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Kerala, Kovalam INDIA (Record: 03/05/1964)

Literature Source(s)
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