Antropora granulifera   (Hincks,  1880) (Bryozoan)
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Class: Gymnolaemata

Size (Zooecium): Length 400 µ; breadth 260 µ.

Encrusting on shells. Zoaria (preserved in alcohol) yellowish brown. The size of the zooecia increases towards the margin of the colony. Zooecia arranged in longitudinal rows where the substratum is smooth. Mural rim thin and corrugated. Walls heavily calcified. Gymnocyst wanting. Cryptocyst well developed, descending distally, highly tuberculated, invade slightly the proximal portion of the zooecia. Opesia sub-triangular, proximal border frequently straight but may be arched in certain cases. Adventitious avicularia paired, placed at the sides of the zooecia distally. The slightly elevated rostra of the avicularia direct distally in a slanting manner towards the median line. The mandible triangular and pointed. Operculum membraniporine with a main marginal sclerite. Vicarious avicularia rare. The rostrum rounded distally more than half the length of the zooecium. Two condyles present, to which attach the ends of the strongly calcified basal sclerite of the mandible. No ovicell noticed. Spines wanting.

Synonym (s)
Amphiblestrum granuliferum Thornely, 1904
Membranipora granulifera Hincks, 1880
Antropora granulifera Norman, 1909
Antropora granulifera Harmer, 1926
Antropora granulifera Hasstings, 1930
Antropora granulifera Osburn, 1950
Antropora granulifera Mawatari, 1951
Antropora granulifera Menon and Nair, 1965
Antropora granulifera Menon and Nair, 1975

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Kerala, Off Kochi INDIA (Record: 27/04/1965) (Depth: 50 mts)

Literature Source(s)
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