Conopeum commensale   Kirkpatrick & Metzelaar,  1922 (Bryozoan)
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Class: Gymnolaemata

Size (Zooecium): Length 490 µ; breadth 210 µ.

Encrusting. Colonies brownish in hue. Zooecia arranged quincuncially, separated by distinct calcareous lines. Gymnocyst present, occasionally with one or two proximal tubercles. Cryptocyst narrow, furnished with minute calcareous spinules extending into the opesia. Marginal spines distinctly present, mural in character. Frontal membrane studded with very minute, transparent spinules arranged uniformly. Operculum with a thick marginal sclerite. No avicularia or ovicells.

Synonym (s)
Conopeum commensale Kirkpatrick & Metzelaar, 1920
Conopeum commensale Marcus, 1939
Conopeum commensale Osburn, 1950
Conopeum commensale Menon and Nair, 1967
Conopeum commensale Menon and Nair, 1975

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Kerala, Kovalam INDIA (Record: 03/06/1964)

Literature Source(s)
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