Scomberomorus koreanus   (Kishinouye,  1915) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Cada, L.A.

Size: 150 cm.

Max. weight reported: 15.0 kg

Color: Blue on back, sides silvery with spots scattered along lateral median line. Spinous dorsal fin uniformly black.

Body elongate and strongly compressed, its greatest depth greater than head length. Lower arm of preoperculum as long as or slightly longer than upper arm. Jaw teeth flattened, those in lower jaw longer; fine teeth on vomer and palatines. Gill rakers 2 or 3 in upper arm, 8 or 9 on lower arm of first gill arch (total 11 or 12). Interpelvic process small and bifid. Lateral line with many auxiliary branches extending dorsally and ventrally in anterior third, gradually curving down toward caudal peduncle. Intestine with 4 folds and 5 limbs. Swim bladder absent. Body covered with small scales. Dorsal spines (total): 14 - 17; Dorsal soft rays (total): 20 - 24; Anal spines: 0; Anal soft rays: 20 - 24; Vertebrae: 46 - 47.

Dioecious, external fertilization, nonguarders of eggs, open water/substratum egg scatterers.

Synonym (s)
Cybium koreanum Kishinouye, 1915
(Senior synonym)
Sawara koreanum (Kishinouye, 1915)
(Senior synonym)
Scomberomorus guttatus koreanus (Kishinouye, 1915)
(Senior synonym)
Scomberomorus koreanus (Kishinouye, 1915)
(Senior synonym)
Cybium koreanus Kishinouye, 1915
Scomberomorus (Pseudosawara) koreanus Munro, 1943
Scomberomorus guttatus koreanus Silas, 1964
Scomberomorus koreanus Devaraj, 1976
Cybium kuhlii (nec Cuvier) Day, 1876

Common Name (s)
• Seer Fish (English)
• Korean Seerfish (English)
• Vellura (Tamil)
• Bellara (Tamil)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, gamefish. Marketed fresh and dried-salted.)

Habitat:  Pelagic
Trophic Level:  Secondary Consumer
Prey:  Small schooling fishes, such as sardines and anchovies and on shrimps


• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam INDIA
• Palk Bay INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kodikkarai INDIA
• West Coast INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram Island INDIA
• Maharashtra, Mumbai INDIA

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