Laxosuberites lacustris   Annandale  1915 (Sponge)
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Class: Demospongiae

Color: Generally colorless but sometimes orange-yellow or bright green due to the presence of food materials of zoochlorellae.

Sponge forming thin and fragile films on stones and rocks, surface smooth and minutely hispid; usually one osculum, but many frequently grow so close together as to form an apparently uniform layer of considerable area, osculum slightly raised and protected by oscular collar, small, 0.08 mm in diameter; inhale dermal pores lie scattered, minute, open directly into cylindrical channels.

Skeleton consisting of plumose spicule fibres that terminate in free bush-like bunches of spicules on the surface of the sponge. Megascleres tylostyles, length range 0.11 mm to 0.58 mm, thickness of shaft range 0.004 mm to 0.008 mm and diameter of head range 0.006 mm to 0.009 mm. Microscleres absent.

Synonym (s)
Laxosuberites lacustris Annandale 1915
Laxosuberites lacustris Burton 1937
Laxosuberites lacustris Thomas 1985

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Orissa INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA (Record: 1995)

Literature Source(s)
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