Cymadusa pathyi   Asari,  1998 (Amphipod)
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Class: Malacostraca

Eyes medium and pinkish red; 2 articulated accessory flagellum; gnathopod 1 longer than 2nd, coxa large with setose ventral margin, basis elongate, ischium small and merus small, roughly triangular, carpus elongate, propodus slightly expanded medially, margin with dissimilar setae, dactylus long and with serrate inner border; in uropod 3, peduncle longer than rami with broad setulose inner proximal borders, 3 sets of long setae present towards outer margin, 1st with 1, 2nd with 2 and 3rd with 3 setae, median inner margin with 1 stout spine, distolateral apices with 5 stout spines ventrally and 4 long setae dorsally, outer ramus smaller than inner with serrulate outer margin carrying 1 submarginal seta, inner ramus with 1 submarginal spine towards median inner margin, apex with 3 stout spine and 4 long setae.

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Habitat:  Coastal



Literature Source(s)
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