Liomera pediger   Alcock  1898 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Surface of carapace quite smooth to the naked eye. Upper border of meropodites of legs not crest like. The whole of the carapace divided into a network of lobules by fine lines.

Carapace extremely convex in both directions, its surface, like that of the appendages, being perfectly smooth to the naked eye though very finely granular under the lens. It is symmetrically and minutely subdivided by fine lines into very many little-convex and rather angular outlined lobules. The antero-lateral borders are rather deeply four lobed, the prominence of the outer angle of the orbit forming a small fifth lobule. The chelipeds in the adult male are close upon twice the length of the carapace and have a very strong tooth on the inner upper border of the wrist, and strongly-arched fingers which meet only at the tip, the movable finger bearing a strong tooth near the base. In the adult female the chelipeds are very little longer than the carapace and have only a small tooth on the wrist and fingers which are not strongly arched but meet through the greater part of their extent.

Synonym (s)
Carpilodes pediger Alcock 1898

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated, Sandy


• Lakshadweep INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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