Leptodius euglyptus quadrispinous   Chhapgar  1957 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Length of carapace: 10.0 mm
Breadth of carapace: 14.5 mm

Color, during life, of carapace pink, a white longitudinal band from the front across the gastric region, fingers of chelipeds and front lower corner of the hands blackish brown

Four teeth on antero-lateral borders. Carapace completely areolated. Front bilaminar, the lobes so deeply concave.
Carapace two-third as long as broad, rather strongly convex its anterior two-thirds, flat posteriorly; its region well delimited, convex and completely areolated. Front projecting beyond the orbit, from which it is separated by a notch, cut into two lobes of which the outer angle is prominent, its breadth is not quite a third of the carapace. Antero-lateral borders cut into four conical teeth, not including the outer angle of the orbit, or a small denticle below it, postero-lateral borders strongly convergent, as long as the chords of the antero-lateral border. Chelipeds unequal; the upper and outer surfaces of the wrist strongly wrinkled and pitted, the upper surface of the hand nodular, upper half or more of the outer surface of the hand longitudinally ridged and transverse;y wringkled; fingers short, hollowed at the tip. Legs with the carpopodite and propodite longitudinally ridged and grooved above the carpus more distinctly so, the dactylus furred. Side wall of carapace, edges of the upper surface of the arm, and edges of legs, especially the upper edge of the meropodites hairy.
This species resembles Leptodius euglyptus Alcock in the sharp Actaea like sculpture of the carapace, but differs from it in having only four teeth on the antero-lateral borders, as well as in the relationship of the lengths of the antero-lateral and postero-lateral borders. The anterior male abdominal appendages are elegantly bent, serrulate near the tip, proximal to which are about 12 to 15 larger spinules. These do not extend up to the tip.

Synonym (s)
Leptodius euglyptus quadrispinous Chhapgar 1957
Leptodius euglyptus quadrispinosus Chhapgar 1955

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated, Rocky


• Gujarat, Gulf of Kachchh INDIA
• Gujarat, Okha INDIA
• Gujarat, Okha INDIA

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