Tetralia cinctipes   Paul'son,  1875 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Image copyrights: NIO, Goa

Color: Carapace tawny, suffused with darker brown anteriorly. Ventrally, a dark brown band extends to posterior part of lateral margin. Thoracic sternum and abdomen yellowish-white. Chelipeds dark brown dorsally, lighter ventrally. Pereiopods brown but for white distal portions of meri, propodi and dactylar tips.

Basal antennal article reaching orbital margin. Tomentose pit at upper proximal surface of larger cheliped palm. Propodi of fifth periopods with fringe of long setae. Superior orbital angle finely dentate. Anterior margin of cheliped merus rounded, serrulate, lacking foliaceous expansion distally. Chela densely granulose, its fingers short. Ambulatory legs brown striped with white.

Carapace shiny, slightly convex, microscopically granular behind front. Frontal margin wide, sinuous, dentate. Denticles successively larger laterally. Median lobes feebly traced. Front usually separated by shallow emargination from crenate superior orbital angle. Postorbital angle acute, projecting outward. Anterolateral margins somewhat concave. In younger specimens carapace broadest at outer angles of orbits. In larger specimens, espically gravid females, carapace contracted in front. A sharp epibranchial spine at junction of anterior and posterior lateral margins in juveniles. No epibranchial spines in adults. Posterior lateral margins widely convex. Thoracic sternum oval, medially sutured anteriorly. First three sternites forming and arcuate triangle. Inferior orbital angle triangular, granulate, its apex deflected outward. Lower margin of antennular fossa minutely serrate. Basal article of antennae extending between the superior and inferior orbital angles, reaching orbital margin. Inner distal angle of base article obliquely truncate, excavate. Anterior margin of buccal frame with median V-shaped notch and raised longitudinal lines at termination of efferent canals.

External maxillipeds close fitting. Exognath of external maxilliped columnar, tapered distally, shorter than endognath with obtuse triangular tooth distally at its inner margin. Ischium of endognath subrectangular, its proximal margin obliquely truncate, distal margin slightly concave. Lateral margins almost parallel. Shallow longitudinal sulcus diagonal, near granulate internal margin. Inner distal angle of merus excavate. Merus granular, outer distal angle rounded, lateral margins convex. Inner lateral margins of both ischium and merus fringed with setae. Chelipeds markedly unequal. Merus short, its anterior margin rounded, crested, serrulate. Serrations increase in size distally. No foliaceous expansion at distal end. Carpus globose, granular; few obtuse spines on anterior internal margin. Manus of large chela bulky, somewhat laterally compressed, a setae-filled cavity at its upper-proximal surface. Upper margin of manus rounded, lower margin carinate. Manus densely granulate, granules increasing in size on lower margin forming a serrulate lower border. Fingers short, curved, immovable finger with toothed crest, dactyl with few shallow teeth. Fingertips serrulate. Manus of smaller chela narrow, prominently granular, covered sparsely with setae. Fingers long, narrow. Inner margins quite smooth. Meeting throughout. Ambulatory meri laterally flattened, almost foliaceous. Upper margins cristate. Posterior margin of propodus of fifth pereiopod fringed with setae. Dactyl short, stocky with horny tip. Posterior distal surface of dactyl decorated with chitinous setae arranged in three discontinuous transverse rows distally and few short bands of setae proximally with a sparse median fringe of long slender setae. Superior distal surface just behind tip with three curved spines. First male pleopod short, slightly tapered. Distal two-fifths set with disordered fringe of short setae.

Obligate symbionts of Acropora Corals.

Synonym (s)
Tetralia cavimana var. cinctipes Paulson, 1875

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Lakshadweep INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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