Ancistrocoma pelseneeri   Chatton and Lwoff,  1926 (Ciliata)
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Class: Phyllopharyngea

Size: Body 34.25 µm long * 11.35 µm wide

Elongate, somewhat buckled, anterior terminal more or less attenuated banana-shaped, with incurved ventral surface when observed in lateral view. The oblong macronucleus lies in the middle of the animal and measures about 13.5 µm in length and 4.72 µm in width. The micronucleus is spherical and measures 1.15 µm in diameter, lying anterior to the macronucleus. Contractile vacuole in the middle part of the body; typical food vacuoles in posterior part of the body. Cilia 5.18 µm (5.1-8.5 µm) in length and are absent subsequently in the anterior and posterior ends. The ciliary system consists of 14-16 kineties. Its thigmotactic central part consists of 4-6 kineties, the right part 2 kineties, the left one 7-9 kineties.

Synonym (s)
Ancistrocoma pholadidis Chatton and Lwoff, 1926
Pharachaenia myae Kofoid and Bush, 1936
Ancistrocoma myae (Kofoid and Bush, 1936)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• West Bengal, Digha Coast INDIA

Literature Source(s)
  • Jamadar, YA and Choudhury, A (1990) Ciliates of some marine and estuarine molluscs from Indian coastal region Technical Monograph ZSI, Calcutta 12 p 79 Available at - NIO, Goa
  • Society for the Management of European Biodiversity Data (2009) World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Available at -

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