Herdmania ennurensis   Das  (Sea Squirt)
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Class: Ascidiacea


Solitary ascidian. Size small, 2.2 cm * 2 cm. Shape pyriform. Siphons prominent, atrial longer than oral siphon. Apertures cross slit, each bounded by four lips. Test is thin, soft and cartilaginous and contains numerous knob-shaped, echinated, unbranched, calcareous spicules. Mantle is thick, muscular antero-dorsally, thin and nonmuscular postero-ventrally. It contains innumerable spindle-shaped, echinated, unbranched, calcareous spicules embedded within sheaths. Tentacles are compound in three sizes. Branchial sac contains seven folds on each side, six internal longitudinal bars on folds and three in interspace. Dorsal tubercle is large with two spiral coils. Dorsal lamina contains 18-20 languets on a narrow flap. Stomach is elongated with two digestive livers. Loop is on left side. Anus with four lips. Two elongated lobed gonads, one on each side.

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• Tamil Nadu, Ennur INDIA
• Kerala, Kollam, Neendakara INDIA

Literature Source(s)
  • Sebastian, VO and Kurian, CV (1981) Indian Ascidians Mohan Primlani, Oxford & IBH Publishing Co., New Delhi 153 pp Available at - NIO, Goa

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