Charybdis lucifera   (Fabricius,  1798) (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

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Color: Yellowish brown with large white spots on either branchial region, chelipeds scarlet pink, the tips light brown, extreme tips whitish.

Sharp median lobule on lower border of orbit, no spine on posterior margin of carpus of natatory leg.

The carapace is very much broader, its length being much less than two-thirds its breadth. A sharply dentiform lobule at the outer end of the lower border of the orbit. The chelipeds in the male are not very much more than twice the length of the carapace. The posterior border of the propodite of the last pair of legs are serrated throughout. The sixth male abdominal segment has its sides parallel or even slightly divergent in atleast two-thirds of its extent. In the anterior male abdominal appendages, there is no bend near the fringe of hairs on the distal part of the outer margin also. The fingers of the larger cheliped are shorter than the palm.

Synonym (s)
Portunus lucifer Fabricius, 1798

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Edible species.)

Habitat:  Estuarine, Sandy, Muddy


• Tamilnadu, Arukkattuthurai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai Coast INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Pichavaram INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Vellar Estuary (Lat: 11.48) (Long: 79.76) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Vellar Estuary INDIA
• Karnataka INDIA (Record: 2001-2007)

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