Avicennia marina var. acutissima   (Forsk.) Vierh. Stapf & Mold.  (Mangrove Plant)
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Class: Equisetopsida

Shrubs, 5-10 m tall, bushy; stems glabrous, yellowish-white. Leaves 6-7.5 x 2.5-3 cm, elliptic, shining above, white pulverulent beneath, sharply acuminate at apex, cuneate at base, sessile or very shortly petiolate (1-3 mm). Flowers 2-3 mm across, yellow, in terminal cymes. Capsules ovoid, apiculate at apex. Pencil-like pneumatophores.

Flowering and fruiting during May-July.

This taxon differs from var. marina in its sessile and sharply acuminate leaves.

Synonym (s)

Common Name (s)
• Chota bani (Oriya)
• Tivar (Marathi)
• Makad
• Bhuradi
• Tawar
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fuel and fodder)

Habitat:  Estuarine, Coastal
Trophic Level:  Producer


• Maharashtra, Salsette Island INDIA
• West Bengal INDIA
• Orissa INDIA
• Maharashtra INDIA
• Gujarat INDIA
• Gujarat, Saurashtra INDIA
• Gujarat, Great Rann of Kachchh INDIA

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