Dictyurus purpurascens   Bory de Saint-Vincent,  1834 (Algae)
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Class: Florideophyceae

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Color: Shows light red tinge when young, becomes paler and dirty red with age.

Plants with pretty articulated mantle-like thallus forming a sac-like network around the central main stem. Main stem erect, unbranched or only seldom branched until 6 cm high. Main axis bear transversal sympodial side branches and monosiphounous side branches, which grow together forming a fine reticulate network around the main axis. Side branches distichously arranged, finally forming a closed continuous network. Thallus quadrangular in cross section or in older plants, tending to be octangular. In the older plants the mantle gets destroyed to a greater portion, when the main axis alone with the remnants of the thallus at its upper portions persists, presenting quite a contrasting appearance.

Tetraspores in tetrasporic plants in stichidia at upper ends of transversal side-branches. Stichidia exposed outside the network when ripe. Spermatangia in complicated branch system of spermatangial branches. Spermatangial branch system in 4 rows along the quadrangular shoots or in 8 rows in octangular shoots. Compound spermatangial branch system 1-17 mm or more in length. Spermatangial branches cells up to 10-15 µ or 30-40 µ across or mores. Connecting filaments of spermatangial branch 18-25 µ across. Cystocarps in female plants producing carpospores.

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Habitat:  Coastal


• Lakshadweep INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Nicobar Islands INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Off Tuticorin INDIA (Record: 12/1958-05/1959) (Depth: 14-18 mts)
• Tamil Nadu, Pamban INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kanniyakumari INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Hare Island INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kanniyakumari INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam INDIA

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