Solea humilis   Cantor,  1849 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 8.9 cm.

Color: Specimens reddish brown on colored side, with more or less distinct blackish blotches, especially along base of dorsal and anal fin. Vertical fins with similar but smaller spots. Greater part of right pectoral blackish. Blind side colorless.

Oval. Profile of head much arched. Height 1.5-2.2, 2.2-2.6 in length with caudal. Head 3.6-4.1, 4.4-4.9 in length with caudal. Eye 4-5, the upper one well in advance of the lower one, the front border of which is one eye-diameter behind tip of snout. Interorbital space concave, scaly, less than one eye-diameter. Mouth contorted, reaching below anterior half of eye. Posterior nostril of right side with a low rim almost touching front border of lower eye, anterior one with a fleshy tentacle. Nostrils of blind side with a low rim, not very conspicuous as the snout of blind side is provided with series of short fleshy tentacles, corresponding to the rows of scales, teeth minute in elongate patches on jaws of blind side. Dorsal beginning above anterior nostril, ending very close to caudal, slightly behind end of anal. Pectoral of right side equal to postorbital part of head or somewhat longer, that of blind side shorter than snout and eye. Ventrals slightly shorter than left pectoral. Scales finely ctenoid on both side, the denticles often worn, but the scales remain rough on touch. All fins scaly. Gill openings narrow, gill membranes united to isthmus. Gillrakers knob-like.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Solea humilis Gunther, 1862
Solea maculata Bleeker, 1851
Solea humilis Kner, 1867
Solea humilis Bleeker, 1872
Solea ovata Day, 1888
Microbuglossus humilis Jordan & Seale, 1907
Microbuglosus Humilis Seale, 1910
Microbuglossus humilis (Cantor, 1849)
(Senior synonym)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal


• Orissa, Chilika Lake (Lat: 19.77) (Long: 85.33) INDIA

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