Thyrsoidea macrurus   (Bleeker,  1854) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 300 cm.

Color: Grayish brown, lighter below.

I t has a very elongated body. Height 38-47, head 10-14, 3-4 in trunk. Head and trunk 1.5-2 in tail. Eye 20-27, more than twice in snout. Gill-openings wider than eye. Gape of mouth 2.6-3.4 in head. Maxillaries with 16-20 teeth in the outer row and about 10 longer teeth in the inner row. Peripheral series on intermaxillary plate consisting of about 14 teeth, which are irregularly placed, some of them are much smaller than the others, mesially 3 or 4 large depressible fangs. Vomer with a single series of 8 or 9 small teeth. In the mandibles on each side an outer series of 20-24 nearly equal teeth, anteriorly with an inner row of 4-7 larger ones.

Synonym (s)
Muraena macrurus Bleeker, 1854
Thyrsoidea longissima Kaup, 1856
Thyrsoidea macrurus Bleeker, 1864
Thyrsoidea macrurus Kner, 1865
Muraena macrurus Gunther, 1870
Muraena macrura Day, 1888
Muraena macrurus Perugia, 1893
Muraena macrurus Perugia, 1893
Evenchelys macrurus Jordan and Evermann, 1902
Rhabdura macrura Douglas Ogilby, 1906
Muraena macrurus Max Weber, 1908
Muraena macrurus Gunther, 1908
Evenchelys macrurus Fowler, 1912
Rhabdura macrura Max Weber, 1913

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial



• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands (Lat: 12.5) (Long: 92.75) INDIA
• West Bengal, Digha Coast (Lat: 21.61) (Long: 87.53) INDIA
• Maharashtra, Sasoon Dock INDIA
• Maharashtra, Versova INDIA

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