Asparagopsis armata   Harvey,  1855 (Algae)
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Class: Florideophyceae

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Color: Pale purplish-red, quickly degenerating when removed from the water and becoming distinctly orange.

Fronds bushy, with a cylindrical axis to1 mm wide and 200 mm long, arising from bare, creeping stolons; irregularly branched, with 4 rows of branchlets, simple, short, branchlets alternating with longer ones with 4 rows of simple filamentous ramuli. Lower branchlets unbranched, long, tapered, with harpoon-like barbs.

Tetrapsorophyte (“Falkenbergia-phase”) occurring all year round, brownish-red, much branched, filamentous, in dense cotton-wool-like tufts to 15 mm in diameter. Both phases readily reproduce vegetatively. Drift specimens of gametophyte readily attach to other algae by barbed branchlets, and produce new shoots.

Similar species: Bonnemaisonia hamifera occurs in similar habitats but has crozier-shaped attachment branchlets rather than recurved barbs.

Synonym (s)
Falkenbergia rufolanosa (Harvey) Schmitz in Schmitz & Hauptfleisch 1897
Falkenbergia rufolanosa Silva et al. 1996
Polysiphonia rufolanosa Harvey, 1855
(Heterotypic synonym)
Asparagopsis armata Harvey 1855
Polysiphonia vagabunda Harvey, 1859
(Heterotypic synonym)
Falkenbergia rufolanosa (Harvey) F.Schmitz, 1897
(Heterotypic synonym)
Falkenbergia vagabunda (Harvey) Falkenberg, 1901
(Heterotypic synonym)
Falkenbergia olens A. H. S. Lucas, 1919
(Heterotypic synonym)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Rocky, Sandy, Coastal


• Maharashtra, Mumbai (Lat: 18.98) (Long: 72.83) INDIA

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