Astropecten vappa   Muller & Troschel,  1843 (Starfish)
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Class: Asteroidea

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Synonym (s)
Astropecten coppingeri Bell, 1884
Astropecten hartmeyeri Doderlein, 1917
Astropecten kagoshimensis Mortensen, 1934
Astropecten pectinatus H. L. Clark, 1909
Astropecten rosea Sladen, 1883
Astropecten siamensis Doderlein, 1926
Astropecten sibogae Doderlein, 1917
Astropecten triseriatus Whitelegge, 1889
Astropecten zebra Sladen, 1883

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Gujarat, Gulf of Kachchh (Lat: 22.6) (Long: 69.5) INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands (Lat: 11.12) (Long: 92.82) INDIA

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