Gomphosphaeria aponina   Kutzing,  1836 (Cyanobacteria formerly Blue Green Algae)
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Class: Cyanophyceae

Image copyrights: Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

Color: Aeruginous, or olive-green, or blue-green or some other color as determined by the environment.

Thalli spherical or ovoid or ellipsoid, 37-65 µm in diameter. Cells clavate, pear-shaped or heart shaped, 4-15 µm in diameter, 8-10 µm in length, located at the apices of nearly dichotomous or trichotomous branches, with mucilaginous stalks and mostly radially arranged, generally dense in peripheral region of the colony and sparse in the inside of the colony, usually a distinct, mucilaginous individual sheath, cell contents homogenous or finely granular. In older plants there may be dichotomously branched strings from the inner points of the cells to the center of the matrix.

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Habitat:  Coastal



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