Myriactula arabica   (Kutzing) J. Feldmann,  1937 (Algae)
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Class: Phaeophyceae

Plants epiphytic. Basal endophytic system composed of irregularly ramified bent filaments, erect system consisting of assimilators and hairs together forming roundish tufts on the surface of the host. Assimilatory filaments cylindrical-fusiform, tapering towards the apices, 16-20 µ broad at the middle and 8-10 µ broad higher up. Hairs about 10 µ broad.

Plants bearing both unilocular and plurilocular sporangia, either on the same plant or on separate plants; the former terminal on short branchlets arising from the aggregated basal filaments near the base of the assimilators; obovate, pear-shaped, about 23-38 µ broad and 40-80 µ long, with a short stalk-cell below. Plurilocular sporangia developed near the base of the assimilatory filaments or from the upper ends; nearly cylindrical in shape, about 8 µ broad.

Epiphytic on Sargassum.

Synonym (s)
Gonodia arabica (Kutzing) Borgesen, 1934
(Homotypic synonym)
Gonodia arabica Silva et al., 1996
Phycophila arabica Kutzing, 1858
(Homotypic synonym)
Myriactis arabica (Kutzing) Kuckuck, 1929
(Homotypic synonym)
Gonodia arabica (Kutzing) Borgesen, 1934a
Myriactula arabica (Kutzing) Borgesen, 1934

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Gujarat, Dwarka Coast (Lat: 18.17) (Long: 66.17) INDIA
• Gujarat, Okha (Lat: 22.47) (Long: 69.08) INDIA
• Gujarat INDIA
• Gujarat, Dwarka INDIA

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