Johnius belengeri   (Cuvier,  1830) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 30 cm.

Color: Brown to grayish above, silvery below as also head. With longitudinal obliquely ascending rows of dark spots on scales, regular on back, less so on flanks, more pronounced in a full grown specimens, in younger specimens the scales are so closely dotted with black and brown as to impart a general pale brownish appearance, spinous dorsal, anal, ventrals and terminal half of caudal blackish.

Oblong, posteriorly compressed, height in adult about equal to head, which goes 3.3-3.6 in length. Its fronto-dorsal profile ascending nearly in astraight line. Eye 3.5-6 in head, situated in its anterior half, in young about equal to, in adult 1.5 in convex inter orbital space, in adult 1.7 in snout, in young about as long as snout. Posterior nostril an oval slit close to front border of eye, the anterior round and much smaller. Snout obtuse, convex, somewhat swollen, prominent before upper jaw, its free border with a central pore, on each side two incisions, the lateral one deepest, both separating a small triangular lobe, between then two smaller ones, making the center of the upper lip quadrilobate, above it on top of snout a transverse series of three small pores, chin with five pores. Cleft of inferior mouth nearly horizontal, lower jaw included, upper reaching hind border of pupil, upper border of maxillary slipping under suborbital, its distal end broader than half length of pupil. Teeth in villi form bands, in the lower jaw uniform, in the upprt the outer row enlarged and distant. Operculum with two flat weak spines, preopercle serrulate at its vertical limb, post temporal crenulate. Scales wanting only on apex of snout and jaws, round eye, on opercles and on base of vertical fins not ciliated, otherwise ciliated, the nuchal and anterior dorsal ones smaller, lateral line in its anterior half arched, the sensory tubes arbores cent. Spinous part of dorsal separated nearly to base from soft part, the base of the former nearly two times in that of the latter, which is scaly and less high than the former, the third spine the higher being about half height of body in adult. Both parts with a scaly basal sheath. Anal about four times shorter than snout dorsal, the first spine short, the second very strong, about twice eye diameter, in adult (male) more than thrice, origin of anal opposite 12th to 13th dorsal spine, 1st base scaly. Pectorals acutely rounded, about length of head without snout, ventrals pointed, the first ray with a filament of some length. Axillary scaly process present. Caudal wedge shaped, least height of its peduncle more than length of snout.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Corvina belengeri Day, 1870
Corvina belengerii Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1830
Corvina belangerii Valenciennes, 1834
Johnius belengeri Bleeker, 1845
Corvina kuhlii Bleeker, 1850
Johnius belengeri Cantor, 1850
Corvina lobata Bleeker, 1853
Corvina belangeri Gunther, 1860
Johnius belangeri Bleeker, 1861
Johnius belangeri Kner, 1865
Sciaena (Corvina) belangeri Steindachiner, 1866
Corvina belengeri Day, 1870
Johnius belengeri Bleeker, 1877
Sciaena belengeri Day, 1889
Corvina belangeri Duncker, 1904
Johnius belengeri Evermann and Seale, 1906
Sciaena belengeri M. Weber, 1913
Sciaena belangeri Regan, 1914
Sciaena belengeri Barnard, 1927
Johnius belangeri Fowler, 1928
Johnius belengeri Herre, 1931
Sciaena belengeri Hardenberg, 1931
Johnius belengeri Folwer, 1933
Johnius belengerii Hardenberg, 1934
Johnius belengeri Linnaeus, 1935

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Prey:  prawns and polychaetes, Squilla, Aceter, amphipods and copepods


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andamans INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Ennore INDIA
• Kerala, Off Calicut INDIA (Record: 1948-1953) (Depth: 3.65-14.63 mts)

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