Cladophora lehmanniana   (Lindenberg) Kutzing,  1840 (Algae)
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Class: Ulvophyceae

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Plants forming small tufts

Synonym (s)
Conferva prolifera var. tenuior Roth, 1797
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora utriculosa Kutzing, 1843
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora utriculosa Silva, 1996
Conferva lehmanniana Lindenberg, 1840
(Homotypic synonym)
Cladophora lehmanniana (Lindenberg) Kutzing, 1843
Cladophora ramulosa Meneghini, 1844
(Heterotypic synonym)
Conferva crouani Chauvin, 1845
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora fruticulosa Kutzing, 1845
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora macallana Harvey, 1847
(Heterotypic synonym)
Conferva utriculosa (Kutzing) Zanardini, 1847
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora lehmanniana var. cristata Kutzing, 1849
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora utriculosa var. longiarticulata Kutzing, 1849
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora longiarticulata (Kutzing) Kutzing, 1853
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora obtusata Zanardini ex Frauenfeld, 1855
(Heterotypic synonym)
Conferva macallana (Harvey) Crouan, 1867
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora utriculosa var. ramulosa (Meneghini) Hauck, 1885
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora macallana f. harveyana Hamel, 1924
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora macallana f. kuetzingiana Hamel, 1924
(Heterotypic synonym)
Cladophora punica Hamel, 1929
(Heterotypic synonym)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin (Lat: 8.78) (Long: 78.13) INDIA
• Kerala INDIA
• Tamil Nadu INDIA
• Lakshadweep (Lat: 10) (Long: 73) INDIA
• Gujarat INDIA
• Andhra Pradesh INDIA
• Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam (Lat: 17.73) (Long: 83.27) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam (Lat: 9.28) (Long: 79.12) INDIA
• Lakshadweep INDIA

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