Eusphyra blochii   (Cuvier,  1817) (Fish)
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Class: Elasmobranchii

Image copyrights: Harris, M

Size: Max length 186 cm TL male/unsexed

Color: Grey or grey-brown above, paler below.

Body elongate and compressed. Head shaped like a broad arrowhead or a pair of aircraft wings in dorsal or ventral view, tremendously expanded laterally and relatively narrow from front to back, with width across head 2/5 to 1/2 of total length; anterior contour of head almost V-shaped in young but with lateral wings of head becoming transverse in adults; a shallow, but distinct indentation at the midline of held and a very broad, shallow indentation opposite each nostril, the edge of which has a row of low bump; nostrils greatly elongated, wider than mouth, with strong prenarial grooves anteromedial to their incurrent apertures; posterior margins of eyes opposite or behind front of mouth; teeth triangular, deeply notched distally, with relatively narrow oblique cusps and unserrated edges. First dorsal fin very high, strongly falcate; second dorsal fin small and low, less than a third of height of first, with a greatly elongated inner margin nearly or quite twice the fin height, a free rear tip that nearly or quite reaches upper caudal fin origin, and a shallowly concave posterior margin; pelvics with posterior margin nearly straight; anal fin base about 1/3 longer than second dorsal fin base.

Dioecious, internal (oviduct) fertilization, internal live bearers. Viviparous, placental, with 6 to 25 in a litter after a gestation period of 8-11 months. Size at birth between 32 and 45 cm TL.

Synonym (s)
Cestracion blochi (Cuvier, 1816)
(Senior synonym)
Sphyrna blochii (Cuvier, 1816)
(Senior synonym)
Zygaena blochii Cuvier, 1816
(Senior synonym)
Zygaena laticeps Cantor, 1837
(Junior synonym)
Zygaena latycephala van Hasselt, 1823
(Junior synonym)
Eusphyrna blochi (Cuvier, 1816)
Eusphyrna blochii (Cuvier, 1816)

Common Name (s)
• Arrow Headed Hammer Head (English)
• Arrowhead (English)
• Slender Hammerhead (English)
• Winghead Shark (English)
• Kanar (Gujarati)
• Kaner (Gujarati)
• Kannar (Gujarati)
• Kebithatte (Kannada)
• Khan Mushi (Kannada)
• Chetta Sravu (Malayalam)
• Kahnakodi (Malayalam)
• Kannan Kodi (Malayalam)
• Koman Sorrah (Tamil)
• Kama Sorrah (Telugu)
• Sappa Sorrah (Telugu)
• Hammer head shark
• Julio (Gujarati)
• Zori (Marathi)
• Kanar (Marathi)
• Kebichatte (Kannada)
• Kannankodi (Malayalam)
• Komban Sorrah (Tamil)
• Sappu Sorrah (Telugu)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, utilized fresh for human consumption; livers yield a high-potency vitamin oil; and offal is probably used for fishmeal.)

Habitat:  Bentho Pelagic, Coastal
Trophic Level:  Tertiary Consumer
Prey:  Small teleost fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods
IUCN Status:  NearThreatened


• Kerala, Kochi INDIA (Record: 2000-2002)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA
• Gujarat INDIA
• East Coast INDIA

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