Elytrophora indica   Shiino,  1958 (Copepod)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Image copyrights: Marine Biological Association of India

Size: Length 8.4 mm.

Carapace half the total length, circular and very slightly wider than long. Postero-median lobe small, one-fourth the width of carapace, with truncate hind border, lateral lobes overreaching median lobe. Fourth thoracic segment half the width of carapace, dorsal plates oblong ovate, meeting but not overlapping. Genital segment half as long as carapace, parallel sided with a pair of posterior lobes extending nearly straight backwards. First abdominal segment with prominent postero-lateral lobes extending oblique backwards.

Parasitic on the gills of Parathynnus obesus (fish).

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Literature Source(s)
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