Petrolisthes lamarckii   (Leach,  1820) (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

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Size: 6-17 mm (male), 5-9 mm (female), 7-12 mm (ovigerous female); length of carapace 12.5 mm, breadth of carapace 12.5 mm.

Color: Dark violet, mottled with violet pink.

Carapace depressed, as long as broad, almost smooth except for minute elevated irregular ridges which are faintly visible in front of the gastric region or sides only; front triangular, apically rounded, slightly deflexed downwards with a distinct median furrow. Epibranchial spine generally present, occasionally inconspicuous and in some cases absent; rugae on the carapace more and more conspicuous along the sides from epibranchial spine to the postero-lateral part of carapace; epimera entire, slightly hairy with 4-5 minute or undeveloped rugae.
Antennules: First segment twice or less than twice as broad as long, its anterior margin undulated, roughly semicircular in outer half and with a single tooth on its outer extremity only; dorsally it bears one spine-like tooth on the inner side; the lower half of its ventral surface squamiform and granulated, upper half granular.
Antenna: Anterior crest of second segment not distinctly undulated, its proximal end almost blunt and not drawn out into an acuminate spine. A short joint between second and third segments present; third segment with small tubercles along ventro-lateral margin, microscopical hairs on sub-distal margin; fourth segment smooth.
Chelipeds: Chelipeds subequal, upper surface ornamented with very minute rugae; merus armed with a long tooth at the inner extremity and a smaller tooth on the mid-ventral line of its distal margin; anterior margin of carapus lobed, provided with 3-7 teeth, its posterior margin generally with 3 indistinct teeth, 3-4 indistinct teeth also present on a rudimentary crest, arising from the proximal part, these teeth increase in size distally; upper surface of carpus and propodus ornamented with minute rugae, these rugae tend to become somewhat large and semicircular towards the posterior margin and less prominent towards the base of the fixed finger and dactylus.
Walking legs: Merus of first three ambulatory legs provided with rows of small, oblique granular ridges with microscopic hairs anteriorly. Merus of first two legs with a spine at distal end of posterior margin; carpus of first pair with a spine at antero-distal end; propodus with four spinules on its posterior margin; dactylus with 3 spinules.
Telson: 7 jointed, middle piece very broad.

Synonym (s)
Pisidia lamarckii Leach, 1820
Petrolisthes dentatus Haswell, 1882
Porcellana (Petrolisthes) dentata DeMan, 1888
Petrolisthes dentatus DeMan, 1896
Petrolisthes obtusifrons Miyake, 1937
Petrolisthes larmarckii Borradaile, 1898

Common Name (s)
• Lamarck's Porcelain Crab (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Maharashtra, Mumbai Coast INDIA
• Maharashtra, Ratnagiri (Lat: 13.73) (Long: 77.13) INDIA
• Maharashtra, Ratnagiri INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

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