Sepia trygonina   (Rochebrune,  1884) (Cuttlefish)
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Class: Cephalopoda

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Size: Max length 14.0 cm ML (male)

Color: The head and mantle are pale brownish. There is a series of small, circular dark brown blotches along the fins on the dorsal surface of mantle in males.

Mantle is elongate and narrow, tapering posteriorly and slightly compressed dorso-ventrally. The mid-dorsal projection of the mantle is blunt and reaches the point between the eyes. Fins narrow originate a few millimetres behind the anterior margin of mantle and are separate at the end of the body. The head is slightly wider than long. The buccal lappets are devoid of suckers. The funnel is very small and does not reach the interbrachial space between the ventral arms. The ventral and ventrolateral arms are laterally compressed and keeled. The web is absent between the ventral arms and it is rather shallow between the other arms. The tentacles are very slender and long. The clubs are very short and provided with a well developed swimming membrane extending from the proximal part to the tip of the club. The suckers of the club are arranged in seven or eight oblique rows of which five suckers of the third row are enlarged. The cuttlebone is slender, long and lanceolate in shape; widest at the anterior third and the posterior
end is more acuminate than the anterior end.

Synonym (s)
Doratosepion trygoninum Rochebrune, 1884
(Senior synonym)

Common Name (s)
• Trident Cuttlefish (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal


• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin (Lat: 8.78) (Long: 78.13) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Ennur (Lat: 13.24) (Long: 80.32) INDIA

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