Pseuderythrops gracilis   Coifmann,  1936 (Mysid)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: Length 8.4 mm.

Body slender. Carapace with a prominent lateral indentation at the anterior third, frontal plate hardly evident exposing the base of the eyes, antennules and antennae. Antennal scale overreaching antennular peduncle by the length of its distal segment, outer border naked, gracefully curved and ending in a large conical tooth. Second segment of palp of mandible curved inwards. Exopod of uropod twice as long as telson, overreaching endopod by 1/4th of its total length, endopod with a large basal bulge enclosing the statocyst. Telson elongate-triangular, distal half of lateral border with about 15 spines slowly increasing in length, apex with a pair of long spines, no setae.

Synonym (s)
Metamblyops gracilis Ii, 1964
Metamblyops gracilis (Coifmann, 1936)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Indian Ocean, Station no.196.52.63 (Lat: 10.17) (Long: 75.77) INDIA (Record: 18/10/1963)
• Indian Ocean, Station no.198.55.63 (Lat: 10.32) (Long: 75.62) INDIA (Record: 28/10/1963)
• Indian Ocean, Station no.25.661.65 (Lat: 12.6) (Long: 74.2) INDIA (Record: 26/3/1965)
• Indian Ocean, Station no.26.677.65 (Lat: 9.18) (Long: 75.9) INDIA (Record: 1/4/1965)
• Indian Ocean, Station no.1.189.65 (Lat: 9.67) (Long: 75.65) INDIA (Record: 10/2/1965)
• Indian Ocean, Station no.442.17.64 (Lat: 12.05) (Long: 90.05) INDIA (Record: 10/5/1964)
• Indian Ocean, Station no.106.2041.63 (Lat: 15) (Long: 73.47) INDIA (Record: 10/12/1963)
• Arabian Sea INDIA
• Red Sea

Literature Source(s)
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