Chiropsalmus buitendijki   Horst  1907 (Jellyfish)
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Class: Cubozoa

Image copyrights: Tahera, Q and Kazmi, QB

Size: Height of the body 70 mm; breadth 80 mm

Color: Translucent like crystal with a very soft bluish hue, all the inner organs are whitish-yellow and the rhopalia only show a brownish yellow pigment.

The bell is cube shaped, with rounded edges. The lateral side of the bell is rectangular. The surface of the bell is smooth, the frenulae are four and bracket like. Five tentacles are present on each pedalium. The side pillars are strong. The jelly is thick and cartilaginous.

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Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA (Record: 2008)
• INDIA (Record: 2006)
• SRI LANKA (Record: 2006)

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