Osphronemus goramy   Lacepede  1801 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 50-70 cm SL

Color: More or less brownish, olivaceous above, silvery or yellowish below. In young with about 8 darker crossbands, a dark spot with yellow or silvery outer circle above the soft anal and a blackish spot at the base of the pectoral.

With 8-10 complete dark vertical bars in juvenile color phase while adults are without vertical bars or sexual dichromatism, both sexes drab, transverse scale rows usually 6.1.12, dorsal fin spines usually 12-13 (rarely 11 or 14). Soft-rayed portion of anal fin greatly enlarged, its distal margin parallel to distal margin of caudal fin, caudal fin rounded or obtusely rounded, not truncate or emarginated. Pelvic fins with first soft ray prolonged into a thread-like tentacle reaching posteriorly to or beyond hind margin of caudal fin. Dorsal spines (total):12-14, Dorsal soft rays (total):10-13, Anal spines: 9, Anal soft rays: 18-21.
Height in large specimens nearly twice the length of the head, which goes about 3.4 in length, 4.3 in length with caudal, head in young acute, in adult obtuse, rostro-frontal line concave, in adult nearly straight. Mandible increasing in height with age and getting a prominent chin.

Synonym (s)
Osphromenus olfax Cuvier and Valenciennes 1831
Osphronemus satyrus Bleeker 1845
Osphromenus olfax Cantor 1850
Osphromenus olfax Bleeker 1850
Osphromenus olfax Gunther 1861
Osphromenus olfax Day 1888
Osphromenus olfax Bleeker 1877
Osphromenus olfax Verh. 1879
Osphromenus gourami Regan 1909

Common Name (s)
• Goramy (English)
• Gurami (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, aquarium)
Cultured:  Yes

Habitat:  Bentho Pelagic
Prey:  Plants, detritus, zoobenthos



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